I'm speaking to YOU, if you're planning to quit your job to start a business OR ... you're not getting the results you want despite spending thousands of dollars on coaching programs and healing therapy.

I want to let you know that you're not alone and you're in the right place if this is you:

  • want to start a business but not sure what to do.
  • have hit a plateau in your business and have lost your mojo in what you do.
  • are not getting results as quickly as you want.
  • are ready for the next level but don't know what to do.
  • feel stuck and you've tried everything.

All my clients are gifted and talented people, just like you, have the same question when they get on the call with me.

They ask the same question.

"Elyse, I know I can use my gifts and talents to help my ideal clients improve their lives but why am I feeling stuck and not getting the clients I want? HOW can I unstuck myself right now and live the life I deserve?" 

Is this you? Or can you relate?

I can definitely relate because I've been there! I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on coaching program that promises success if I followed the success blueprint formula. 

I've spent thousand of dollars on fancy luxury photoshoots and even build a fancy website.

On top of that, I've also spend thousands of dollars on doing shadow work and healing my inner child.

Did you do all of the above too and wondering...

"I've done all the right things so WHY oh WHY am I still stuck?"

Just you know, 90% of start ups fail within the first 6 months of starting their business because they gave up and...  

4 out of 5 people don't really know what they want in life.

I know you don't want to be in that catagory and I'm here to save you time and money and accelerate your success.

YES! I've got the magic happy pill! 

It exists! Just look at children when they have fun! Don't you want some of that before the adults told you that you had to grow up and be real?!

People say that when you LOVE what you do, you'll never work a single day. Because it's just FUN!  

And when you're having fun, you're loving your life.

So, the question you need to be asking WHY but not why are you stuck!

The RIGHT question you should be asking is this:


I'm sure you've asked these questions many times. My 11 year old was thinking out loud just the other night.  

Have you found the answer?  

Many people are obsessed with the "HOW TOs" and "3 Step System" because they think there's a magic pill to success. But the truth is that all the formulas, systems and structures weren't created with YOU in mind.  

Hence the low success rate after spending so much money.  

I promise you that when you've discovered your SOUL PURPOSE or DIVINE WHY, all your HOWs will show up!  

Once you've found your DIVINE WHY, you'll start creating and designing your life with YOU IN MIND!  

This will also solve your mysterious fear of why you're so afraid to be seen and put yourself out there. 

You'll realise that it's no longer about you. You'll get out of your own way and allow your bigger vision and mission to drive your business.

I've been a business coach for a few years now and I see this too often.  

People spending so much unncessary money on marketing strategies, sales pages, copy writing, branding and advertising because they're in a hurry to become succesful and they fail or suffer a burnout within 3 months of starting their business.  

They either give up or spend more money on healing their mindset.  

If only they would just start with getting to know their DIVINE WHY and use their unique personality to serve their WHY, they would have saved themselves a lot of time and money.  

There’s also this 80/20 rule.  

Why spent 80% of your time and money to figure things out, only to have 20% of your ROI coming back?  

Imagine if you knew for sure what your soul’s purpose is for this life time and couple it with your gifts and talents, wouldn’t that save you a lot of time and money to create the money and life you desire?  

That would take you on the path of least to no resistance.  

Because you’re creating your business and life from your heart!  

Do you know your DIVINE WHY?  

Ok! Once you find your WHY, you also need to know what other lessons you need to learn so that you can grow into the person you’re born to be.  

One of the other reasons why you’re here on Earth is to complete unfinished lessons and business. And of course have a great time while you’re here on Earth.  

What?! Did you think you were here to suffer?  

Of course not! God wants you to have His kingdom more than you want it yourself!  

You’re here to self actualize and get your bums into the Promised Land! Your soul’s mission is to grow but God didn’t say you need to SUFFER while learning.  

Are you getting excited now?  

So, can we drop the drama and get going with finding your WHY right away?  

What happens in the session?  

During this 60 mins session, you'll discover what is your: 

Soul Purpose and Divine WHY for this current life

Right Business to Start to fulfill your Life's Mission 

Fastest path to cash & make a difference in the world

Please come with an open mind as any messages can come through to serve your highest good.

I believe Entrepreneurs can change the world and make a huge difference and impact in the world when we're fully aligned with our SOUL PURPOSE and conspire with the Universe to support us.

The Soul is always on your side and on point!  

Energy Exchange:  

US$388 per 90 mins  

I'll be calling you via SKYPE and will be recorded for your personal use.

All sales are final.

"Last month I had a past life/soul reading with Elyse Anne and I feel like I've been decompressing from the gravity/awesomeness of it ever since!  

Breakthroughs aplenty and so many new ways of looking at things. She had me astounded and in awe at her accuracy and the stories she found made so much sense.

Now I gotta be honest, I love me some oracle cards, I'll even buy some crystals but my relationship to the woo woo spiritual stuff is mostly illogically selective. 

I can be pretty sceptical. This was one of the things that I was pretty dubious about, which is why it's taken me a month to find the words because 'was it just interesting or genuinely useful?'  

Well the verdict is in and... It was FREAKING AMAZING!!  

Seriously, if you're curious - go check her out! 

Amber Rose Thomas Marketing Strategies & Business Coach AmberRoseThomas.com

“This was my first occasion of having a Soul Reading. 

I was not sure what to expect, however, I wanted to take a different approach to an area of my life that I have been feeling stuck in.  

Overall, for me the session was really powerful as Elyse was able to share with me a crucial moment about my Soul’s journey and what makes it powerful is that it explains WHY I do or feel certain ways in my life now

I have been able to connect so many dots now! Elyse has such a profound gift. 

I really appreciated our time together and would recommend her to anyone who wants to really dig deeper to the core."

Nancy McMaster

Health Coach 

"I started off my week with a Soul Life Reading with Elyse-Anne. 

What a precious start to the week for me! She gave me such a unique perspective to my life journey. As much as I am an avid learner of knowledge and trust me I have invested in and learnt so much from so many teachers in the last few years, what this session brought back to me is the lesson to honour my soul and carve my own path. 

More importantly, giving myself permission to do so was what was revealed to me. Although spirituality is a relatively new path for me, any path that ultimately taps into your inner wisdom must surely be the right path to take. 

This week Elyse was able to share her expertise, to tap into her gifts, to bring more clarity in my journey and I thank her for that beautiful message."

Shari Murabak, Business Coach ShariMurbak.com

“One of the highlights of my week was a Soul Life Reading with the beautiful Elyse-Anne. 

She has an amazing soul and gift. Those of you close to me know the crazy struggles and betrayals I've had to endure. 

Elyse-Anne specializes in clearing out the old attachments, karma, and emotions that are carried over your lifetimes. 

She got me right away and even though we were continents away, I felt like she was sitting right in my living room with me. And she dug right in! 

She cleared out that old crap that is no longer serving me and helped me rewrite my soul contract with myself.  

Thank you so much Elyse-Anne for your support on my self-discovery and healing path."

Jennifer Wells, CFO & Accountant JennWellsMoneyMaven.com 

"I’ve never gone as deep as I did during my session with Elyse-Anne today. I feel like a key integral part of who I am was unlocked and released today. I’m finally free to let all the BS go."

Siobhan Barnes, Soulful Career Strategist TheNeonLifeSociety.com

“When I worked with Elyse she demonstrated a knack of coaching people to their potential. A Singaporean Sheryl Sandberg meets Gabby Bernstein for self-confidence at work and self love EVERYWHERE.”

Sara Varela Associate Director, Social Media – Marina Bay Sands Singapore