Are you stranded in a toxic codependent relationship or caught in a challenging situation way longer than you need to and you don't know how to get out of it no matter how hard you've tried?

Do you feel like no matter how much healing, therapy or personal development you do, you still feel like a part of you is still missing?

Are you ready to heal the past and make peace with today so that you can finally love YOUR life and ... live beyond your wildest dreams?

YES?! Let me show you how.

Before we reincarnated into human form, we gathered our "soulmates" to help us with our lessons in life and "signed a contract". 

But when you got here, you don't remember these contracts and it may seem like difficult situations with difficult people trying to make your life a living hell.  

If that's true, then your "soulmates" are doing a good job.  

The good news is... You can tear up the contract and rewrite a new one.  

Most people don't know about this.  

The truth is, the only reason why you're having such a difficult time is because you haven't learnt the lesson.  

And if you're not learning the lessons, you're creating MORE karma to yourself.  

This is where I can help.  

Together we can work with your soul, rewrite a new contract and release the karma you've accumulated and heal old wounds.  

Once you get out of the wheels of Karma, I promise you'll actually get to enjoy LIFE and manifest everything your heart desires with ease and grace!

What happens in each session?  

There're 4 strategic 60 mins altogether for optimum results.

1. Release Your Karma

In order for us to rewrite your soul contract, we need to release and resolve with Karma.  

Karma basically are unlearned lessons and therefore it's happening over and over again with the same people or same struggles.

Take a journey to your past lives to understand your soul's journey and lessons. 

Your current life is a total sum of all past lives.

2. Retrieve Your Soul

Although we don't incarnate will all our soul energies, we were WHOLE when we were born. As we grew up, we start to give our soul parts away or soul leaves us.  

Sometimes we give our soul away in exchange for love and that soul stays with the other person. Or it may get stolen.  

We need to collect all our soul fragments so that we can be and feel WHOLE again.

3. Rewrite Your Soul Contract

We'll do a cord cutting ceremony in this session to set you and the other party free.  

Once you're able to see the BIG picture, you're ready to tear up your Soul Contract with challenging and difficult people or situations.  

You can now rewrite your own soul contract with SOURCE and renounce any vows that you've made that no longer serves you now.  

4. Realign Your Charka Centers

Last but not the least, we'll do a healing session to seal the deal.  

We've more than 7 main chakra that manages different aspects of your lives and they need to be healthy and vibrant.

Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides so that you'll never feel alone again on this journey and get the divine guidance you need 24/7.

Just to make sure we're on the same page, if you're still attached to your story and addicted to drama and not ready to be healed then this program isn't for you.

You need to be ready to work with SOURCE and your Spirit Guides for your next level of evolution.

This is not for you if you're expecting for a Fairy Godmother to show up and give you the magic pill.

The intention for doing is to get yourself out of the wheels of karma and experience your true self so that you can free yourself from B.S rules and drama to live life beyond your wildest dreams.

(Let's get you loving life like crazy TODAY even if you have been disappointed before!)

What's included:

  •  4 x 60 mins call via Skype
  • Sessions will be recorded for your personal use

Energy Exchange:

US$988 for 4 sessions

There're limited slots per month. All sales are final.

I’m finally free to let all the BS go.

I feel like a key integral part of who I am was unlocked and released today. 

Peeling back these two layers has helped me trust my intuition so much more and given me permission to pursue the seemingly unpractical path that feels right to me. I feel so much more peaceful, supported and guided knowing that I don’t have to figure this out on my own and that I’m on exactly the right path. 

Siobhan Barnes, Soulful Career Strategist TheNeonLifeSociety.com

And I must admit that there were moments when I was literally shhhhocked with Elyse's accuracy.

I recently had a “Rewrite Your Soul Contract” session with Elyse. Now, as a very logical person I was quite sceptical about what to expect from my session. She connected with my soul and told me things about me and about my life with so much detail that I was left with no doubt that she knows her craft extremely well. 

I could feel how much she cared about me and the work she was to complete with me in our session. I found the session to be deeply transformative. 

I left feeling so much lighter on a spiritual level, like a burden was taken off my shoulders and my blocks were removed. I gained a new level of understanding and peace. 

I highly recommend working with Elyse, she is compassionate and can see through you down to a scarily accurate detail. 

Thank you for the wonderful work that you do Elyse. x

Alex Rudnicka, Business Strategist AlexRudnicka.com

About the Elyse-Anne


My name is Elyse-Anne - Your Trusted Spiritual Guide. I've been a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Coach since 2008.  

Life is not easy. It was never designed to be easy because without challenges, there's no growth.  

And you can either choose to be a victim or victor - it's a fine line.  

This is where I come in as your spiritual guide - to help you experience your soul, discover who your truly are and live beyond your wildest dreams!  

LIFE wants more for you and it's ON YOUR SIDE not against you.  

"Change the way your look at things and the things you look at changes." - Wayne Dyer

I wish you well.

What's included:  

  •  4 x 60 mins call via Skype
  • Sessions will be recorded for your personal use


Energy Exchange:

US$988 for 4 sessions

There're limited slots per month. All sales are final.

It's like I've lost a key to my favorite room in a house and Elyse has just helped me find it.

Elyse has an incredible talent and power. She did it so graciously and easy that I didn't even notice in the beginning... AWARENESS came so clear later that I didn't even think was possible.

Elina Alsiweadi, Transformational Life Success and Style Coach SoulChicJourney.com

She immediately picked up on my situation accurately...

... and confirmed to me what I must do to be my best. Her humor, compassion, intelligence and commitment to her work is second to none.

This woman has tremendous integrity, intelligence, a heart as large as the ocean and is a true leader.

Dr. Jenev Cadeell, Relationship Coach for Entrepreneurs MyBestRelationship.com

She got me right away and even though we were continents away, I felt like she was sitting right in my living room with me. And she dug right in!

One of the highlights of my week was a Soul Life Reading with the beautiful Elyse-Anne. She has an amazing soul and gift. Those of you close to me know the crazy struggles and betrayals I've had to endure. 

Elyse-Anne specializes in clearing out the old attachments, karma, and emotions that are carried over your lifetimes.  

She cleared out that old crap that is no longer serving me and helped me rewrite my soul contract with myself. 

Thank you so much Elyse-Anne for your support on my self-discovery and healing path.

Jennifer Wells, CFO & Accountant JennWellsMoneyMaven.com