Praise & Love

Siobhan Barnes, Soulful Career Strategist

As a reluctant explorer into the field of spirituality I felt drawn to work with Elyse Anne. I’m so glad I did because she helped me see that the way I was going about life, business and motherhood wasn’t truly serving me or those around me. I had two big takeaways:

Takeaway #1: Unlocking a deep unconscious childhood belief that was stopping me from being and showing the real me.

Takeaway #2: Realising that the franatic, stressed out pace I was going at was truly not serving me or getting me very far and how much more effective life can be simply by “being”.

Peeling back these two layers has helped me trust my intuition so much more and given me permission to pursue the seemingly unpractical path that feels right to me. I feel so much more peaceful, supported and guided knowing that I don’t have to figure this out on my own and that I’m on exactly the right path.

Thank you Elyse-Anne for your support, our session was truly life changing!

Heather Temple
Creative Love™ Coach

Working with Elyse is a game-changer! Her no-nonsense attitude opened up great insight for me and helped me see resistance and fear I hadn’t known was holding me back.

She has a way of pinpointing exactly what is going on and creating a plan that makes sense. Since working with Elyse, I am taking more risks in my business and feel great confidence that I have what it takes to build a successful business.

With Elyse’s help, I have become more open to receive abundance and am a savvy sales woman. I can’t recommend Elyse enough!

Sara Varela
Associate Director, Social Media – Marina Bay Sands Singapore

When I worked with Elyse she demonstrated a knack of coaching people to their potential. Her positivity, optimism and confidence is relentless. She helps you clean up your act and put your life back on the A-TRAIN tracks.

A Singaporean Sheryl Sandberg meets Gabby Bernstein for self-confidence at work and self love EVERYWHERE.She’s a feisty feminist helping you become master of your own destiny.

Lead a life you love with the help of this humorous, passionate, solid and eye opening professional and personal coach.

Jenev Cadeell, Relationship Coach for Entrepreneurs

A very quick session with Elyse Anne was enough to show me how gifted she is as a channel and guide.

She immediately picked up on my situation accurately and confirmed to me what I must do to be my best. Her humor, compassion, intelligence and commitment to her work is second to none.

If you’re thinking about working with Elyse Anne, I strongly recommend you do!

Alyssa Sulli

Elyse Anne,
Thank you so much for your support and guidance during our coaching call. I learned so much about myself and my mindset and how I can perceive things differently.

You facilitated the call so I could really explore what my internal dialogue was and the opportunities I have to see things differently and truly enhance my experiences and business.

After our session I felt empowered and focused and I can’t thank you enough.

Milissa Claire, Personal Branding Photographer

I decided to go to Elyse-Anne’s Mastermind in LA and since then my life and business hasn’t been the same.

I remember I saw her picture in the Facebook Group and I thought if this powerful woman could move a group of so many online Spiritual Entrepreneurs, I want to get to know her on a deeper level and see what she’s about.

She walks her talk, a straight forward business woman and has a very quick mind to see what you can do and pinpoint where is it that you’re hiding. She’s a major amazing influence and inspiration in my life.

My branding photography business has been taking off since the Mastermind in LA and I feel so much more supported in the community.

I highly recommend Elyse-Anne’s Mastermind and the women she brings together are powerful. She is about making changes and creating great things in life.

Annie Quek, Real Estate Agent

I was plain struggling for 1.5 years. I was doing everything I could but didn’t realize my money mindset was sabotaging me in getting the results I deserve.

And after working with my lovely coach Elyse-Anne in 6ix Figure Client Enrolment Formula Program to transform my money mindset and self love, clients just flow in very effortlessly.

She’s very gentle in her coaching BUT will kick your ass if need be. So Beware. =) Love you much too.

Patricea Chow, Storyteller

I was guided to work with Elyse-Anne. I love Elyse’s approach to coaching. She asks tough questions that take me out of my comfort zone, but she gives me the space and love to come to my own realization.

Each time I speak with her, I go in with an open attitude and leave with many shifts in my mindset.

To work with Elyse, you have to turn up and be present in whatever you do. Then you’ll truly understand the excitement I have for working with her and the love I have for her.

Ramona Schuijt
Founder of Crystal Loft

Elyse does many things if not everything differently!! She says and does things not many expects or dares to. Yet many times..what she says is a a) wake up call; b) kick in the rear; c) a light bulb moment!!

A moment when you learn something new about yourself or the issue at hand. Don’t bother trying to explain why you cannot or are not where you want or expect to be in terms of career or personal growth. She is not one to sugar coats her words/advise. I love bouncing off ideas with her.

Her perspective(s) can be so refreshing!! She does not always make it comfortable for you. The funny thing is sometimes , I actually like it when she is in that mode. Maybe not as the recipient but…;) She is like my blind spot mirror.

I look at the person I was when we first met and the person I have become today. Less negativity, more self awareness, less blaming/excuses, more accountability, more of a risk taker (cos if you don’t even dare to try/ask..the answer is always no.. right?) etc.. Still a work in progress and this won’t stop till we are six feet under but i know all this would not have been possible without her generosity in teaching, sharing what she has with me during our one to one time together and/or at her events. I have had to do my part too.

However, I know that being in her company is one of the “ingredients” that made this new me ..possible:))

Thank U Elyse Anne.XOX