My Heart Chakra Exploded


Yesterday – I decided to do the things that brings joy to me but I started the day feeling really grumpy.

All the usual same old same old mind chatter came to “haunt” me ALL at once.

I could feel it in my heart chakra.

Then I remembered – everything is happening only within me and I’ve a choice to change it.

There was a reluctance to let go of all the victim stories.

Isn’t it strange that you run away from the thing you truly want?

SO! I made a shift.

I started to focus in being in the present moment and count my blessings.

In the book Thank and Grow Rich, Pam Grout said that you need to learn to be grateful and bless everything including the “shit hits the fan” moments.

If you’re in your ego space, all you see is negativity. BUT because we live in the world of duality, everything has the same equal opposite.

My youngest has allergies so she has to stay at home and I was so grateful that we could spend some time together following daddy to the airport to get his stuff done.

And we had to go to a part of Singapore that I haven’t been to drop off his documents for work.

Then the thoughts disappeared.

Today I start all over again.

“Something miraculous is going to happen today!”




P.S. Please pardon any spelling and/or grammatical errors if you find any. My English is not perfect, and that's ok. I help people live out their “bestest” life.

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