I’m not happy and I know it


I haven’t been exactly very happy for a long time and it’s time to change this.

How can I be happy when I’m constantly living by society’s rules?

I suspect the Universe wants me to be happy.

But I’m not sure. So.. Imma gunna test it out.

Since reading Pam Grout‘s Thank and Grow Rich, I’m going to go on a 30 days experiment.

In her book, she talked about this woman who decided to test the Universe if the big U really wanted her to be happy.

And she only did the things that made her happy – even not making her own bed.

As the day passed, the VOICE in her head got louder including her roommate’s.

But she ignored and kept on day dreaming and writing down all the things she loved to do.

Then, the voices in her started to get softer and the things she wrote on her journal started to come true.

This is my inspiration!

Therefore, I’ve deleted my other fb page that has more than 4000+ likes and deleting Instagram on my phone.

I’m just doing it for the sake of doing it – doesn’t really bring joy to me.

Life is just a journey and I WILL be happy.

Cheers to sobriety!


P.S. Please pardon any spelling and/or grammatical errors if you find any. My English is not perfect, and that's ok. I help people live out their “bestest” life.

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