Do you know that plants have feelings?


Last week, I talked about how being a vegetarian made me realise how F*&king judgemental I’ve been.

And here’s another thought…. Not judging anyone.

I’m just confused.

If we’re given FREEWILL by GOD to experience who we want to be and literally gifted us a playground to express who we are…

In the name of growth then….

Why are the vegans and vegetarians telling people how to live?

Aren’t they imposing their beliefs on others?

You don’t see meat eaters going around telling people that plants have feelings and you’re hurting them.

If you don’t believe that plants have feelings, then you don’t believe that nature communicates with one another and we’re all ONE?

How can you love animals but eat vegetables?

Is there some kind of double standard conspiracy theory that I’m not aware of?

YES! I’m absolutely aware of over farming and stuff like that. But… does this stem from the GREED of human beings?

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.54.56 PM

I didn’t pass my history but didn’t our ancestors hunt for animals and wore animal fur too??

If you really want to find “faults’ there’s a list I can go on…

  • Are the clothes you’re wearing from a sustainable source?
  • Are the shampoos you’re using harmful to the environment?
  • Are you using the Air con?
  • Are you still driving?
  • Are you emitting zero fumes and protecting the ozone layer?

What I’m REALLY saying is that I’m so tired of this and if we all lived on sunshine and fresh air then…

it would be perfect.

No need to work and desire things and no need to pay bills and then worry about money and no need to eat because we won’t be hurting any living thing.

Am I going crazy? Or the world seems really crazy to me right now.

My solution?

Is to mind your business and be a responsible person who lives in the light.

Imagine 7 billion people doing it.

No more poverty or hunger.

Dare to dream.

P.S. My sophisticated husband always say to me when I’m going on my bitch rant (doing my best to eliminate that) –

“One man’s meat, another man’s poison.”


P.S. Please pardon any spelling and/or grammatical errors if you find any. My English is not perfect, and that's ok. I help people live out their “bestest” life.

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