What's next?

Just a gentle reminder that this for personalised "tailor made" divine guidance.

A brand new card will be delievered to your email inbox for 14 days straight in a row.

Recommended for you if you need accountability to stay on your spiritual track, daily wisdom for a particular situation or just need clarity.

What's the Plan? 

Please tell me a short background story and what's the main intention and focus for the next 14 days.
I'll send you your answer via email in 150-200 words.

Please keep your answer short and on point. 

It's best to have an intention and know what exactly you would like to get out of the 14 days. Otherwise the reading will be very general and may not answer your deepest questions.

If you're in doubt, here're some examples:
(You can also email me to discuss before we officially start.)

1. I'm feeling lost at work and would like to know what I need to do now to calm my mind to find my life purpose.

2. I've just gone throught a bad breakup and I need divine guidance to help me see what are my lessons in this relationship.

3. I just need some assurance and validation from the universe that I'm the right track.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many questions can I ask?
    One question for One card per day.
  • How many cards will you draw?
    One Card per day for the next 14 days.
  • How long do I need to wait for the reading?
    You'll receive your first card within 48 hours and subsequently 24 hours for the next 13 days.
  • Will I get to talk to Elyse?
    This reading is available via email only. 
  • What if I've questions about the reading?
    If you've questions about the reading for the day, you can send in another question via email and it'll be answered via another card the next day.
  • What happens if I need more guidance?                                                            If you need more guidance, please purchase another session or you can book a FULL session - Soul Say What? for an in dept reading.